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Release 17/01/2014, London UK, label:octane/bmi /soulfish
EPSON GIG 22/11/2013 vocalist/music producer, EPSON, UK
New photo-shoot are post on my page: PHOTO-SHOOT, wait some more pic coming soon..wish you all a great week.

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London UK

DJ in new cross in london

London UK

2013 sign with 7 November Music, Music Producer/Dj/Vocalist/Lyrics

London UK

2013 sign with 27 March Music, Music Producer/Dj/Vocalist/Lyrics

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Stop playing with my mind


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Kika Terremoto Dj
Kika Terremoto, has been one of the worlds most undisputed electronic dance music musicians and a queen of the turntables for years and was the very first woman DJ in Sardegna (Italy)! Kika has infiltrated the music industry with her arsenal of talent. She has established herself as a versitile, singer, songwriter, model, and DJ, aswell as being signed to multiple labels around the globe.
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